FBC Sunday School Personal Study Guide [PSG] Devotionals & Bible Study Summer 2017.

 Daily devotionals on Psalms: June 26-July 2; Page 33-37; June 25 SS Lesson Page 38-39.   SummerDailyDevotional2017  

Summer 2017 Scripture Memory  updated 6/25

#4- 6/25/2017- Jim Goclan taught this lesson using his script! Jesus: Joy Of Man’s Desiring! 6-25-2017 Jesus-Joy of mans desiring  .   Homework assignment 6/25 HO 6-25 Joy that gives                                    

#3-6/18/2017- Paradise Redeemed! We can joyfully thankful to Him.  6-18-2017 Paradise Redeemed NOTES . Homework assignment 6/18 HO 6-18 Thank God                                           

#2- 6/11/2017- Paradise Lost: Loving the Created Rather Than the Creator. To understand how to resist self-sufficiency & depend on Jesus for a lifestyle of giving. 6-11-2017 Paradise Lost Genesis 3_1 John 2 .  Homework Assignment 6/11 HO 6-11 Loving the created rather the creator

#1- 6/4/2017- In the Beginning…When Stewardship was Given  6-4-2017 In the beginning__When stewardship was givenGenesis 1   Homework Assignment 6/4  My Stewardship of Life June 4  

 Summary of 4 June  Stewardship lessons here 2017 Stewardship Lesson Outlines   


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