Neanderthals were humans similar to Homo sapiens in Africa

New research has caused the old thoughts to be discredited. Neanderthals were not a transition form on the evolution tree to humans.  Even the New York Times Magazine ran this article reporting the new research. See quote and link to article below.

“New research shows they shared many behaviors that we long believed to be uniquely human. Why did science get them so wrong?

Neanderthals weren’t the slow-witted louts we’ve imagined them to be — not just a bunch of Neanderthals. As a review of findings published last year put it, they were actually “very similar” to their contemporary Homo sapiens in Africa, in terms of “standard markers of modern cognitive and behavioral capacities.” We’ve always classified Neanderthals, technically, as human — part of the genus Homo. But it turns out they also did the stuff that, you know, makes us human.”

In my opinion, some day the entire evolution argument will be seen as the greatest error of the so called scientific process.

Henry Luke 1/12/2017

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One Response to Neanderthals were humans similar to Homo sapiens in Africa

  1. Ginger Soud says:

    I agree with you Henry – and I hope that day is soon!!

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